Attempt #6

Although this is not the first shape I master, but it was the first one I tried to create. The only thing I learned so far from learning how to draw these shapes is PATIENCE!

With painting, you can confidently make mistakes knowing that it would only take you two brush strokes to fix them. There is no fear in making mistakes when it comes to painting with Acrylic. However, geometry patterns are not that easy to fix. Reason being, construction lines are a bitch! Once you draw one line, you better know it went the right way, the right size! Because once those lines intertwine, even if you’re using a pencil, ERASING mistakes is not a fun job. It’s almost easier to just start from the top.


My Art Journey!


I believe I started drawing at a very young age. I’ve always been fascinated by colors and shapes; how they form beautiful images. I always looked up to my eldest sister’s art work @RubaSufi. She’s the type of person who would master doing anything that falls between her hands, and she’s mastered Arts!

In high school, back home, I was chosen to join the art department. Although I didn’t really want to. I wanted to join home economics, instead. But home economics classes were already full! Thankfully, I had a talented teacher, who was able to spot me out of the group, and actually nurtured my talent. It was my very first time being exposed to Oil Painting. I lost myself into it. She taught me how to manipulate colors and lights. However, there wasn’t enough time to teach me everything.

I carried on the journey by myself after graduation. I still painted. I remember locking up myself in my room for hours with my headphones on, listening to music and try to paint a picture. My parents and my siblings cheered my talent and didn’t mind me turning the room into a workshop! My art supplies and equipments were always spread everywhere. Around my graduation from college, I gradually stopped painting. I became very busy with trying to win a Master Degree scholarship, which I did! I eventually stopped painting in 2011. I sketched every now and then.

When I moved to the San Francisco, I started drawing in black and white using Sharpies. You know, I didn’t want to lose the deposit over paint spill or some kind of paint-related accident! I graduated from USF in 2015 without making a single painting!

I went back home. I started a new job. I was going through a hard time break up when I found out about therapy through Art. So I decided to use Acrylic that time as a change! And I excelled! I didn’t paint as much though. I had a full-time job at the time as a lecturer and it almost took all the time I had.

I moved back to the States, married, and for a year and so, I haven’t done much with my life! It’s the darkest phase of my life so far. I am unemployed, and I am living in an area remote from everything awesome! I have the time. I have the talent. I just don’t have the means!

One afternoon I woke up to find two packages from Amazon on my doorstep! They both had my name on them. I was surprised because I knew I didn’t order anything!

I was ready to open them, then ask my siblings if any of them bought anything and sent it to my address. I found a set of oil colors on the first one. So I thought maybe they’re my brother’s. He’s the only one who shares my passion of oil colors. But then when I opened the other, I found 28 canvases and a note from my twin sister @NowItsDina saying to enjoy the gift! I cried. My twin sister wants me to paint again!

A couple of weeks prior, my family was trying to convince me to sell my art work and I was telling them that they’re not good enough! And I haven’t painted in almost 3 years! And BAM! Here I am painting again because they believe in me! So here’s to the upcoming blog posts about my paintings!