“Silence like a cancer grows”

The title is a line from the song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel

During the past couple of days, I’ve been under attack by twitter accounts because of a quote retweet I posted regarding an incident relating to Saudi Arabia and Canada, and unrelated tweets of my own. Extreme feminists took my tweet hard without asking clarification; not that I would have provided one. I believe twitter is a place where I will say whatever I want, yet I am not obliged to offer explanation. Specially when the people attacking lack the basic manners any one should possess for a decent civilized conversation and discussion. Anyway, those accounts started capturing my words and fuel their followers to attack me, claiming that I don’t practice what I preach.

I am not here to gossip about twitter feuds, so I’ll cut to the chase. The internet is a mean place. It’s not a place to make friends or be yourself. The brainwashed masses are already conditioned to attack and slander anyone who doesn’t follow the leftist agenda, or doesn’t embrace the left’s ideology. Don’t even try to explain a point that might has a hint of tradition, you will be attacked. You will bullied if you called for the freedom of speech for all parties. The only justice and freedom of speech they want is their own. If you go against anything they believe in or embrace an idea that isn’t leftist, they will play the racist card, the misogynist card, the homophobic, xenophobic or any kind of -obic / -ist card they could play! Someone out there have mastered the control over what’s now is considered freedom of thought and speech. This someone have created cyber bullies that will make you feel like the most hated on the internet and ruin your self-esteem, if not ruin your career and life.

So to the few sane and solid out there, to the real liberals and freedom of speech firm believer (whatever this believe might be); be aware and don’t let bunch of loons daunt you from expressing your genuine concerns and believes that might go against theirs.


“They got the blues. You give them the blues”


The title is a line from the song Crabsody in Blue by AC/DC.

The beauty of this picture is that you can’t tell if the white belt in the back is mountain, waves or clouds… I even can’t decide what I want it to be. But that’s how art works, doesn’t it! This baby was painted with both brushes and knives.

“Still the searcher must ride the dark horse, racing alone in his fright”


The title is a quote from the song Tell Me Why – Neil Young

In my previous painting I mentioned I was not going to share a painting of the ocean anymore. I wanted to share something of another concept. I started to follow this tutorial by the beautiful Katie Jobling, teaching how to paint a sunset scenery. I liked the idea so much because it would teach me another concept I always wanted to paint which is clouds. But as I was progressing with layering the sky and the horizon, I reached a conclusion; I hate this painting, not because it was hard to paint, or it turned out ugly. Nope. I just don’t like warm colors. They irritate me. I can’t work with them! I like blues, greens, colors that would ease my stress. Firey oranges and bloody reds don’t! So I think I’m gonna go back to try and excel in ocean and blue seas pictures.

What I like the best about this one, though, is the blackened clouds. I like the fact that the red underneath brings them out. It’s a great technique. I don’t like the fact that it has little bright yellow. I think if I am changing anything, or painting another one, it’ll be a little bit brighter and less red!

“Beyond the Sea, Somebody’s Laughing at the Dice I Rolled”


Title is a quote from Cold Mailman’s song What now, Muhammed?

A friend of mine, iRota, sent me a link of a YouTuber named Katie Joblings.  She’s an artist who teaches painting using Acrylic. Her narrative is clear and fast when you compare her to Bob Ross! I also like the music she plays in the background too! SHOUT OUT TO KATIE!!

I’ve always believed nature is hard to portray in paintings. One must be very talented and an extraordinary painter to be able to paint scenes from nature. Therefor, my life’s art dream was to learn how to draw waves of the ocean! The scenery of waves stuns me  every time I go to the beach! I have always thought it was impossible to paint them, because when you look at waves in a painting, they can deceive you on how complicated the process could be! Though the process is long, it took me 4 hours to complete, but the techniques are very simple! I learned when it comes to landscapes and nature scenes, it’s all about layering! Paint a layer, wait to dry, then layer again!

Among the challenges I faced to complete this picture, I didn’t have the same colors Joblings is using in the video. I only have one shade of blue that wasn’t the one she mainly used! I had to make similar shades of the blue I had.

Another challenge was the fact that I had to train my hand in using the brushes all over again. My hand felt stiff most of the time. It was frustrating. At one point, I pushed everything away and almost cried. Even by the time I finished, my hand still felt stiff. I think I will have to paint some more.

Last but not least, waiting for the paint to dry every time I layered! I am way too excited to paint. I can’t wait for the final result. It was hard for me to just sit around for 20-30 mins doing nothing but wait. So, a piece of advice, be patient! Else, you’re going to ruin your painting because with Acrylic paint, mistakes are harder to fix. They dry and stick to the canvas too fast!

Finally! I can cross off my bucketlist: Learn how to paint waves!

My Art Journey!


I believe I started drawing at a very young age. I’ve always been fascinated by colors and shapes; how they form beautiful images. I always looked up to my eldest sister’s art work @RubaSufi. She’s the type of person who would master doing anything that falls between her hands, and she’s mastered Arts!

In high school, back home, I was chosen to join the art department. Although I didn’t really want to. I wanted to join home economics, instead. But home economics classes were already full! Thankfully, I had a talented teacher, who was able to spot me out of the group, and actually nurtured my talent. It was my very first time being exposed to Oil Painting. I lost myself into it. She taught me how to manipulate colors and lights. However, there wasn’t enough time to teach me everything.

I carried on the journey by myself after graduation. I still painted. I remember locking up myself in my room for hours with my headphones on, listening to music and try to paint a picture. My parents and my siblings cheered my talent and didn’t mind me turning the room into a workshop! My art supplies and equipments were always spread everywhere. Around my graduation from college, I gradually stopped painting. I became very busy with trying to win a Master Degree scholarship, which I did! I eventually stopped painting in 2011. I sketched every now and then.

When I moved to the San Francisco, I started drawing in black and white using Sharpies. You know, I didn’t want to lose the deposit over paint spill or some kind of paint-related accident! I graduated from USF in 2015 without making a single painting!

I went back home. I started a new job. I was going through a hard time break up when I found out about therapy through Art. So I decided to use Acrylic that time as a change! And I excelled! I didn’t paint as much though. I had a full-time job at the time as a lecturer and it almost took all the time I had.

I moved back to the States, married, and for a year and so, I haven’t done much with my life! It’s the darkest phase of my life so far. I am unemployed, and I am living in an area remote from everything awesome! I have the time. I have the talent. I just don’t have the means!

One afternoon I woke up to find two packages from Amazon on my doorstep! They both had my name on them. I was surprised because I knew I didn’t order anything!

I was ready to open them, then ask my siblings if any of them bought anything and sent it to my address. I found a set of oil colors on the first one. So I thought maybe they’re my brother’s. He’s the only one who shares my passion of oil colors. But then when I opened the other, I found 28 canvases and a note from my twin sister @NowItsDina saying to enjoy the gift! I cried. My twin sister wants me to paint again!

A couple of weeks prior, my family was trying to convince me to sell my art work and I was telling them that they’re not good enough! And I haven’t painted in almost 3 years! And BAM! Here I am painting again because they believe in me! So here’s to the upcoming blog posts about my paintings!