Attempt #Infinity!

I lost count! I lost count of the number of attempts to make this unbelievably hard-to-master shape! I will never master the measurements of the construction lines. It is something I made my peace with! But The fact that the continuois lines are still messed up is bothering me! But I will not give up untilContinue reading “Attempt #Infinity!”

Attempt #6

Although this is not the first shape I master, but it was the first one I tried to create. The only thing I learned so far from learning how to draw these shapes is PATIENCE! With painting, you can confidently make mistakes knowing that it would only take you two brush strokes to fix them. ThereContinue reading “Attempt #6”

Attempt #4

Cutting to the chase, the reason I want to start drawing Islamic geometrical patterns is my brother! He’s good! He really is good! Check out his Instagram if you don’t believe me! He started learning Islamic geometry back in 2014 in San Francisco. He surprised us with a mural on the wall of our apartment. It was the mostContinue reading “Attempt #4”