Art Battle in Monterey – The Dali Expo

SOLD Back in June, I was scrolling down Instagram, bored at home in Saudi Arabia. I came across a sponsored Ad by Art Battle. I clicked on the website. I learned that it is an organization based in New York City. The idea is that they set Art Battles, where artists create artwork live onContinue reading “Art Battle in Monterey – The Dali Expo”

“من يداوي جُرح شَوقي إليك؟”

UNAVAILABLE The title is a line from a hymn sung by Abeer Ni’maah . . . . . . . Here’s a RANT that doesn’t concern you! I recognize that we all want to love and feel loved. But recently I am encountering two people who show their need for love, and being in aContinue reading ““من يداوي جُرح شَوقي إليك؟””