“Beyond the Sea, Somebody’s Laughing at the Dice I Rolled”

NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE  Title is a quote from Cold Mailman’s song What now, Muhammed? A friend of mine, iRota, sent me a link of a YouTuber named Katie Joblings.  She’s an artist who teaches painting using Acrylic. Her narrative is clear and fast when you compare her to Bob Ross! I also like the music she plays in theContinue reading ““Beyond the Sea, Somebody’s Laughing at the Dice I Rolled””

My Art Journey!

NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE  I believe I started drawing at a very young age. I’ve always been fascinated by colors and shapes; how they form beautiful images. I always looked up to my eldest sister’s art work @RubaSufi. She’s the type of person who would master doing anything that falls between her hands, and she’s mastered Arts!Continue reading “My Art Journey!”