“& show your love for Lady Nature & she will come back again”


The title is a line from the song “Down by the Seaside” by Led Zeppelin 

I am still experimenting with colors other than blues and greens. Obviously I am still greatly attached to the shades of blue. It’s just so pretty on canvas and I bought a lot of it! I am also still looking for a gallery to contact to showcase my art. I still prefer showcasing in Saudi Arabia. Yet I wouldn’t mind one over here in California. Please any help is appreciated. Thanks!

“Trade winds find Galleons lost in the sea, I know where treasure is waiting for me”

The title is from the song Spanish Caravan by The Doors.

I started my day perfectly. I woke up at 7:00 in the morning, no alarm set to go off. I got my 8 hours of sleep. I made me a royal egg breakfast. I fueled myself with a whole pot of coffee, all by myself!

I self-studied about the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. I then decided to prepare myself a delicious Asian meal consisting of noodles and broccoli beaf! My day was going so well. I even shared a video of myself on YouTube. I also shared what I learned about Kant with my follower on Twitter.

After my meal, I painted the painting above. I struggled working on it. Again, it’s because I lack patience. I am in a good mood so far. When all of a sudden I decided to watch a documentary about the people who committed suicide jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge!

The 2006 film is available on YouTube under the title The Bridge. The family and friends of those who jumped recite the narrative. The real footage of those who jumped are shown over and over throughout the movie. Every time someone jumps, my heart sank inside my ribcage. The feeling I was left with after the movie ended was of disgust. I felt I was so close to seeing my dinner coming out in reverse!

It’s a shocker how oblivious we are to the state of mind of those who are close to us. It’s a scary thought that I wouldn’t know about what goes on inside my friends’ brains or my family’s heads! The unspeakable thoughts that they can hide so well. The cry of help is not a crystal clear one! It’s so subtle and most of the time we miss it. They all missed in the movie! I can’t comprehend the reason that would let anyone act selfishly and decide to take their lives. They leave their loved one filled with anger! I know that what I would feel if, God forbid, this happens to me!

Lesson of today, don’t ruin your beautiful resting lazy day with a documentary so surreal, it leaves you depressed!


“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year”

The title is a line from the song “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

I am now seriously looking for an art space where I can showcase my art. I prefer somewhere in Saudi Arabia, but I wouldn’t mind if I found a place here in the Bay Area. In this one, I mainly used painting knives. This is the first time I paint on a stretched canvas. I usually just paint on canvas sheets or panels; each definitely needs a certain type of strokes and layering.

“I fell in love at the seaside”

The title is a line from the song “Seaside” by The Kooks.

Finally! A painting that I fully love! You have no idea how much happy I am with this one! It is probably the only painting I’ve done that I completely adore! I finally have found my tool; painting knives!

“past the pier, towards the castle, near the top”

The title is a line from the song “1946” by Grasscut

I wasn’t happy with my last painting. I complained about it to my husband. The nice person he is, he reassured me that no artist is fully happy with their own work, which is to some degree is true. I’ve never fully accepted my drawings and painting. I know I don’t suck. But I also know, it could have always been better!

He gave me the idea to paint the ocean from another angle. This is supposed to be an areal view of the ocean, though I don’t see it no more. Maybe because I still see the painting in layers!? I don’t know!

“I’ve got the runnin’ blues”


Title is a line from “Runnin’ Blues” by The Doors.

Another painting of the water. I am asked a lot why I paint the ocean frequently. Well, my answer is simple. I have a lot of blue shades tubes that I bought from Blick! I need to use them! Tubes are not cheap! Also, I am finally planning on showcasing my art, so I need a collection! My theme will be “Water”.

You may have seen this before, or feel like you have! I practiced this painting a lot. I still think I need a couple of more times painting it before I can perfect it. The second far away wave needs more work. I need to make sure the curve of the wave shows better. I also need to calm the ocean in the back. It looks like a storming sea which was not my intention.

“Enclose me in your gentle rain”

Title is from a song by The Doors entitled “The Crystal Ship”

It’s been over a month since the last time I posted anything in my blog. I did paint a couple of weeks ago, but the painting turned out so bad. I was bored at home sitting on my bed watching reruns of Friends, when I thought to myself, “why not paint”. The sad part is I felt burdened by the idea. I actually dragged myself out of bed that day to spread my canvas and stroke my brushes over it. Subsequently, my painting two weeks ago sucked tremendously, hence why I didn’t post it.

Lesson to be learned: Don’t start painting when you don’t feel like it. Your painting will suck!

Anyway, so over the weekend, I actually felt very motivated. On Friday, work buddies  went out for a calm happy-hour end-of-year celebration, and I got to share my paintings and showing pictures of them. Everyone actually liked them. So I got a boost of confidence after the miserable painting I mentioned before. And the result was the picture you’re seeing!

Lesson to be learned #2: Always show your Art to people who can appreciate it! Don’t let one lousy piece shake your self-esteem!

After finishing the current state of this painting, I told myself I will leave it out to dry. Then, I’ll put my final touches! Of course, the lazy person I am, I decided it’s good enough. The case will all my painting, I will perfect them once I decide to showcase them!

Lesson to be learned #3: Always put your final touches right away!


“So happy we will be Across the sea. Endlessly”

Let’s just make one thing clear. I am not a professional artist, and my art work is not based on any professional teachings or certification. I am an amateur artist who’s trying my best to perfect my humble skills.

The above painting is my very first attempt painting with knives! I am impressed! It’s not perfect, but it is way more than just decent.

Tonight, I used Acrylic on a canvas sheet, which I think was a mistake. The sweeping motion across the sheet was not smooth. I had to worry about pinning down the sheet in fear of creasing, and it still creased a couple of times!

Also, when using knives, you’re layering way more than when you’re using brushes., which means you’re using more paint, which means more weight on the sheet, which means the final product will be creased. So I think a canvas on a wooden frame would have made the knives way more practical.