I experience unbearable sharp pain in my thumb tendons every time I hold my brush and feel like I can paint again. The dull continuous pain comes and goes depending on how strict I am following doctors orders, which a lot of times isn’t even feasible to follow any instructions. They’re frustrating. It’s been over 2 months now since I did Art. Seeing Art everywhere and the artists I love and follow on social media doing their thing, but I can’t is very very daunting. I want to become better! I want to take more Art classes and workshop. I want to be able to use my compass and very fine lines. I want to paint with precision. It feels like I am sinking in this spiral of non ending pain with my wrist situation. I am frustrated with my physician who refuses drastic solutions and forcing me to try physical therapy first! I am frustrated that even normal everyday chores, which I have to do, are becoming hard to do, pulling up my pants, for Gods sake, is painful. Tying my hair puts a huge strain on my thumb! It’s getting ridiculous. I’m supposed to sleep with a brace that immobilizes my thumb, really! It’s so uncomfortable I have to take it off mid-night! It’s already hard for me to fall asleep, let alone wearing a brace when I am trying to catch some Zzzs. It’s so funny because I am supposed to weigh the decision of either falling asleep fast so I could be alert for my baby the next day, or wearing the brace and maybe, just maybe, my thumb fixes itself in the long run! According to my physician “remember, this is a long journey of recovery. It’s not going to be short” #FML It’s De Quervain’s tenosynovitis!

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