The title is a line from a poem by سعيد بن أحمد البوسعيدي

In the beginning of his book Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis defines a human natural characteristic: our drive to be good, just and moral. He calls it the Natural Moral Law. He illustrates a comparison between what the ancient scholars, and what modern science say about natural laws. The ancient focused on the metaphysics, while today’s scientists explored the visible world and its physics. But unlike the laws of science, the natural moral law, though wired into our beings, it can be broken, abandoned and manipulated. However, we cannot escape the “desire” within ourselves to recognize and follow it. He gives an example of how we are constantly trying to justify all the instances when we strayed. We never just say “yes we should’ve lied or cheated to begin with”. We always try to justify why we lied or cheated within those moral law frames. We try so hard to stretch the laws to make our wrongdoings fit somehow. He highlights two important aspects of human behavior regarding the moral law. We know it. But we never follow it!

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