My before-&-after moment!

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist. 

I have a body type that I like calling “a balloon body”. Little food can bloat me, and little food can also shrink me! HA! See, if I don’t watch what I eat or when to eat it, if I eat whatever I like whenever I like it, my body blows up! It can only take two weeks for my body to show the extra pounds I put! It’s the reason why I have to watch everything I eat.

I learned how to count my calories. I started with my everyday latte! I turned it into black plain coffee; did you know that a cup of latte has 57 calories while a cup of black coffee has only 2! I cut soda completely, which I never really minded drinking daily! I limited my fried food consumption to the minimum, when I literally could eat French fries daily without getting sick! I stopped drinking milk, or eating beans because they bloat my tummy. If I junk snack, I only eat one meal! If I don’t workout I only eat 2 meals with no snacks! It is not easy at all, not to someone like me who LOVES all food all time!

I don’t have the perfect body, and I don’t regularly workout. I eat junk here and there. But I do go through cleansing and detoxing every now and then. My weight loss awareness started when I suffered depression in 2015. I weighed 149lbs before depression and rapidly started losing weight because I simply didn’t eat! When I noticed, when people around me noticed, I realized that I could benefit from this weight loss and lose some more by changing my diet and start working out! I only ate protein and vegetables. I drank plenty of smoothies and coffee only. I consumed huge amounts of water to make myself feel full. It took me 5 months only to reach 109 lbs. I do not claim I did it the right way. I don’t claim my way was the most healthy way. I wasn’t coached. I didn’t do my research. I only ate salads and fruits and meat thinking that way I am losing the weight I didn’t want. I felt healthier though. I felt more energetic – although depressed -.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you know your body the best. It’s never harmful to ask for help, and research for what’s best for your health. But also you know your body, you know your needs in general. Stick to more veggies and less sugar. Workout for 3 days minimum and you’re good to go. After all, that’s what worked for me!


Linah Sofi

🇺🇸 i teach | i paint | i blog - أُعَلِّم | أَرسم | أُدَوُّن 🇸🇦

One thought on “My before-&-after moment!

  1. Omg. That’s a huge weight loss. You really look great.
    Anyway, I’m on the other edge…if you want to lose weight, I’m doing everything to gain weight. I easily lose weight. Maybe my metabolism is fast, way too fast. Haha

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