The title is a line from a hymn sung by Abeer Ni’maah








Here’s a RANT that doesn’t concern you!

I recognize that we all want to love and feel loved. But recently I am encountering two people who show their need for love, and being in a relationship desperately. I understand there’s a huge society pressure on these two to fill a certain social image and role. But we must realize that people push away those who show despair. I, who’s only listening to their desperateness, avoid them every time they start opening up their mouths. So I can’t begin to imagine how the other person involved must feel. Why would anyone want to listen over and over about how “It’s hard to find a man“, “I can’t find a person who wants to settle“, “People just wanna hook up“, “When am I finding the right person“, and the worst part is when they bring you into their despair “You’re lucky!“, “How did you find your person? What’s the secret!“, “How did you convince him to settle down?“, “Shut up, you’re already married“. I am not an advocate of staying single forever, and I would never tell anyone they’re better off single to make them feel better. But how do you expect from someone to want to settle with you and be with you forever, when you can’t be alone with yourself and calm down by yourself! Yes! It’s true! People can sense your despair, and it’s ugly. The least you can do is not to talk about it everywhere you go!

One response to ““من يداوي جُرح شَوقي إليك؟””

  1. sabgh1956 Avatar

    حلوة جدا!!!


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