The title is a line from the song “A Quiet Line” by Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld

2018 was an eventful year for me; without getting into details. I have went through a lot of changes in both my personal and professional life. I went through ups and downs, and still living the consequences of my decisions. All I pray for this year, is a steady, calm year. I could do without the changes in 2019.


This was gifted to Model Roz 

5 responses to ““I renounce my past to live again””

  1. sabgh1956 Avatar

    حلوة.good one.

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  2. sabgh1956 Avatar

    ما حددت السعر يا لينا! وهل هي لاصل اللوحة او صورة منها؟!

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    1. Linah Sofi Avatar

      كلها الأصل. السعر اسأل عن لوحة محددة وأقول لك الشعر.

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    2. Linah Sofi Avatar



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