“I lost my head in San Francisco”

When you first land in San Francisco, you silently agree to leave your heart behind you when you fly away. It’s a silent agreement to be bound forever and ever by the magical place of San Francisco!

San Francisco brutally keeps the hearts of those who visit, live and step on the precious soils! You may hate the economy, the inflation, the real estate rates and the ridiculously high shopping taxing! But you’ll blindly abide by its rules and that’s because you blindly signed a contract in which you surrender your heart to the city of San Francisco. Each room in your heart is filled with the Golden Gate Bridge, the Golden Gate Park, Haight and Ashbury, the Twin Peaks, the Coit Tower, the Exploratorium, the Bay Bridge, the Ferry Building, Alcatraz, the Mission, BART, Muni, its downtown, its Japan town, its China town, its Little Italy, the Castro, the pride of being part of its demography. You breathe its Union Square, its cable car, its Powell St. and Hayes! Ocean beach and the Bay have the power to wash away your troubles! You might curse the hills but you damn sure are in love with their ups and downs!

San Francisco will make you homesick while right in your bed sleeping elsewhere! You will miss the unpredictable and moody weather, the unique Civic Center, the hipster atmosphere and the scenery of homeless people asking you to spare change! Your hatred towards every place you visit after is understandable my dear, for it’s not just any place you just left! It’s the Mighty aesthetic San Francisco you left your heart at!

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