The title is a line from the song “Sail on Sailor” by The Beach Boys

Being so close to reach the 5-year-mark in my relationship with David, I have come to realize that we both have battled so much. We fought demons in our heads. We’ve struggled to bridge two different cultures. We’ve fought our urges to just run away and leave everything behind. We’ve both realized we fought battles, so many battles within that it would only be a waste of victory if we quit. Together we have drowned deep down the ocean, but we always managed to swim our way up to the shore and sunshine. It’s always a rewarding feeling, stronger love when we did. I can’t wait to celebrate the 5 year mark! My mom has always said, if two people survived the first 5 years of a relationship, they’re always set for the next five. And every five years a challenge will always rise, and I believe we will always conquer all!

4 responses to ““I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean Through restful waters and deep commotion””

  1. Faheem Ahmaqd Avatar
    Faheem Ahmaqd

    Indeed you will go to in jahannam


    1. Linah Sofi Avatar

      Are you playing God now?


  2. Faheem Ahmad Avatar
    Faheem Ahmad

    you did a haraam weddind and you think you did good job shame
    on you .You are a muslim and he is non believer how did think it is right.Your job against Allah and you are felling that you life is beautiful with your husband.How long will it take this beautiful day you have to die and Allah ask you work so what will you say, you will be nothing say and you vary well that where will you go at judgementday because life is not over there,it is a pain that will never end.And how much time you spent on the world will be wasted.Sister please come back to Islam.Of course Allah is forgiving of every bad deed.


    1. Linah Sofi Avatar

      the audacity you have condemning me to hell is sooooo non muslim. MY HUSBAND IS MUSLIM AND PERFORMED UMRAH and you with your hateful comment will see God’s judgement one day! because nor me nor my husband forgive your hateful ass


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