The title is a line from the song “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin.

The following is a random crude thought. So if you feel like you’re reading  unconnected thoughts, well maybe because you are! I believe love relationships are very similar to those relationships we have with children (or between siblings), of course with the slight degree in difference.

When a mother or father raises a child, they invest a lot of emotions in this baby. They spend long time caring for this being, educating and nurturing it. They put huge efforts into bringing up this human safely with love “unconditionally”. Yet, once this human grows (complexes in) up to be an individual with thoughts opinions and mistakes, they still continue on loving him/her despite the obvious objection to what he/she now are! Either they don’t like their kids choices or they don’t approve their behaviors. This huge investment they’ve made during their kids’ childhood, in my opinion, is what makes them tolerate their kids bullshit. The emotional drain they experience when their child drains them emotionally and mentally, is what makes it hard for them to let go and “break up” with their fucked up child. 

Now think of Love relationships. Think of the beginnings where we invest a great deal of emotions, a great deal of thought and planning. We put forward our best to be with someone we chose. Similarly, we nurture one another, we depend on each other, we learn about the world together. Therefor, a lot of intra-and-inter-personal education takes place. Then love also matures and complexes, and what happens is very similar to the previous. Partners rearrange priorities, commit mistakes, grow individually, and search for happiness resumes. And once, we’re struck with the reality of incompatibility (or we stop working on being compatible), we find it hard to let go. Walking away seem like a bitter choice that we’re not willing to take. For the same exact reason, a lot of time and emotion have been invested, and we’re not willing to lose “everything” we’ve risked!

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