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I got a taste of Freedom!

On 9/11 of 2013, and after a long lecture at the University of San Francisco’s Lone Mountain, I took a yellow cab and headed to the famous Ferry Building of San Francisco; the white clock tower erected to mark the ports for the ships on the bay! I got off the taxi and started wandering around the wide campus across from the building, where skateboarders sled carelessly around me from every direction. My eyes were scanning for a tall, handsome blonde man. I was looking for those large golden curls between the crowd. I have always loved those curls. I glanced at my watch. We agreed to meet at 4:00PM. It was 4:05 now! I was listening to my music with my headphones on, when all of a sudden, two long arms wrapped around me gently from behind. I smiled big! I turned around, then I hugged this precious stranger tightly. We shyly said our “hellos” and “how-are-yous”. Then I said “Food!” – Until today, the first thing I say to David when I see him is “Food!” and he would gladly feed me!

We headed to the nearest Chipotle in the Financial District on Market St. I chose it because a week earlier, I learned that he likes Mexican Food, Later I discovered he doesn’t like Chipotle and doesn’t consider it real Mexican food- , but the sweet man he is, he still ate there with me. He order a chicken quesadilla and I had two steak tacos. We took our sweet ass time in there. They used to have outdoors seating at that Chipotle – not anymore. I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about. But at some point, I  recognized my friend Hashim from afar in the middle of a conversation. He was with a bunch of other people laughing. I could hear his laugh. My eyes lit up “That’s Hashim! That’s my friend” I said. David noticed my excitement “Go! Say hi to him” he said. I refused. I wasn’t really sure I should introduce him to my friends yet. -Later, I learned that he wouldn’t have gone out with me if I had gone said hi.

It was around 7:00PM when we started walking back towards the Ferry Building. It was already dark. The sun had sat, but we still wanted to chill by the bay. All I had been thinking about was whether he was going to kiss me or not. Finally, we sat on this bench behind the Ferry building, facing the San Francisco-Oakland Bridge. The lights from the bridge were the only lights around us. It was mesmerizing! We sat close next to each other continued talking. No one was there but the bums of San Francisco and some loners. A guy was listening to music loudly off of his phone, smoking. We were probably talking about music and Saudi Arabia, when I suddenly leaned on him and I raised my face to his neck and smelled him, “You smell good!” I said. He thanked me nervously. I didn’t pull away, although I noticed his nervousness. We kept talking, “You really smell good!” I said again. Then he replied jokingly “Watch out! It’s addictive”… And oh boy! I should have listened to his warning! My God! I wanted him to kiss me so badly. I kept gently rubbing my face against his neck like a little dog when he finally grew a pair and started kissing me! A Bon Jovi song was blasting from that guy’s phone. He pulled me onto his lap and we started giggling. Did I mention this was our second date?

Later, I checked my phone it was sometime past 9:00PM. I knew I had to leave back home. Dina had already called for over 30 times. My phone was on silent, and she was freaking out. I called her back she was crying, then I started crying for causing her fear. David worriedly sent me off back home in a yellow taxi. I walked in hugged Dina, apologized and went off to bed. I texted him that everything was alright and that I enjoyed the night. We said our “good nights“. And I dozed off to a dreamless night, and would be waiting for a text the next day!

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