Every working day, a 30-min portion of my commute goes to walking to and from BART station! So I am pretty much on pilot mode when I am walking, steady fast steps with my head down looking at the ground, trying to avoid stepping on human or dog feces scattered around the sidewalks of San Francisco. I am always listening to my music. So, you can safely say I am disconnected from whatever surrounds me.

However, in some lucky days, I notice something beautiful in the city. My brain fires up and I start shooting the same object in 5 or 6 different frames. A couple of weeks ago, I passed by these flowers named Pride of Madeira at the bottom of Telegraph Hill where the Coit Tower is situated. They’re native to the Country of Madeira; an Island in the Atlantic; southwest of Portugal. They were introduced to gardening all over the world, that’s how they ended up in California. Their famous for their purple and blue colors!

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