Climbing to the Coit Tower

Yesterday I decided I will climb the stairway to the Coit Tower of San Francisco with my husband. It was his first time and my third climbing up. It is an equivalent of climbing up 24 stories of meandering staircase. The houses you go through makes you feel sorry for the mailman! Imagine you’re a mail man climbing up with packages for these people who decided to live on the cliffs of Telegraph Hill!

I also saw, for the first time ever, the Parrots of Telegraph Hill. The legend says that before 1993, it was legal to bring in Parrots to the United States from South America (so they’re not native). One day, they escaped from their owners (probably the zoo) and started breeding and living wildly! They’re very loud and colorful!

I am not sore. My thighs are killing me. It was worth the climb. The pictures will speak for themselves!

Oh and I met a cat that I really wanted to steal! It was so beautiful and careless for the presence of people! Also, the murals inside the tower has something interesting on them. The Californian orange fields boxes has NRA stamps on them! So I am guessing the NRA once supported the agriculture industry in California.


Linah Sofi

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