The title is a line from the song “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” by B. J. Thomas

This shows exactly how much I am slacking on learning & practicing new techniques. I usually watch videos and clips of paintings, tutorials of certain artists explaining how they do things. I some times read blogs to understand how to position my brush and mix mediums. However, lately I have been suffering of painter’s block (if there’s such thing).

I get this mental block when I don’t empty energy tanks! This is the third weekend in a row I don’t go out or feel the need to communicate with people. You may wonder how is that related. I draw when I am in distress. I paint when I feel like the need to retreat back into myself. Going out and interacting with people (although fun) drains my energy out. So I would need to lose myself into canvass and color. I self-study and try to open up my mind to new challenges that don’t involve people! I need go out. I need people to not to want to interact with people!


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