Title is a line from “Runnin’ Blues” by The Doors.

Another painting of the water. I am asked a lot why I paint the ocean frequently. Well, my answer is simple. I have a lot of blue shades tubes that I bought from Blick! I need to use them! Tubes are not cheap! Also, I am finally planning on showcasing my art, so I need a collection! My theme will be “Water”.

You may have seen this before, or feel like you have! I practiced this painting a lot. I still think I need a couple of more times painting it before I can perfect it. The second far away wave needs more work. I need to make sure the curve of the wave shows better. I also need to calm the ocean in the back. It looks like a storming sea which was not my intention.

2 responses to ““I’ve got the runnin’ blues””

  1. What Avatar

    I think this the most useless thing I ever read!! For moment I thought you just need to practice your writing skill!! You have to be more creative as a linguist , teacher and influencer


    1. Linah Sofi Avatar

      It’s called a personal blog for a reason! Chill! Lol not here to impress your as a writer


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