Title is from a song by The Doors entitled “The Crystal Ship”

It’s been over a month since the last time I posted anything in my blog. I did paint a couple of weeks ago, but the painting turned out so bad. I was bored at home sitting on my bed watching reruns of Friends, when I thought to myself, “why not paint”. The sad part is I felt burdened by the idea. I actually dragged myself out of bed that day to spread my canvas and stroke my brushes over it. Subsequently, my painting two weeks ago sucked tremendously, hence why I didn’t post it.

Lesson to be learned: Don’t start painting when you don’t feel like it. Your painting will suck!

Anyway, so over the weekend, I actually felt very motivated. On Friday, work buddies  went out for a calm happy-hour end-of-year celebration, and I got to share my paintings and showing pictures of them. Everyone actually liked them. So I got a boost of confidence after the miserable painting I mentioned before. And the result was the picture you’re seeing!

Lesson to be learned #2: Always show your Art to people who can appreciate it! Don’t let one lousy piece shake your self-esteem!

After finishing the current state of this painting, I told myself I will leave it out to dry. Then, I’ll put my final touches! Of course, the lazy person I am, I decided it’s good enough. The case will all my painting, I will perfect them once I decide to showcase them!

Lesson to be learned #3: Always put your final touches right away!


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