Let’s just make one thing clear. I am not a professional artist, and my art work is not based on any professional teachings or certification. I am an amateur artist who’s trying my best to perfect my humble skills.

The above painting is my very first attempt painting with knives! I am impressed! It’s not perfect, but it is way more than just decent.

Tonight, I used Acrylic on a canvas sheet, which I think was a mistake. The sweeping motion across the sheet was not smooth. I had to worry about pinning down the sheet in fear of creasing, and it still creased a couple of times!

Also, when using knives, you’re layering way more than when you’re using brushes., which means you’re using more paint, which means more weight on the sheet, which means the final product will be creased. So I think a canvas on a wooden frame would have made the knives way more practical.