What is Stippling? It is an drawing / coloring technique using dotting as a way of shading and defining shapes in a drawing (or that’s what I think it is). The denser and darker the dots, the darker the appearance is. The lighter the dots, the brighter the appearance.

In 2015, my brother introduced me to it when he was drawing one of his masterpieces, I think. I considered the technique a stress-relieving technique as well as a beautiful art way of expressing uneasiness. You need to be patient and very focused when stippling. In my case, I am only focused and patient when I have a deadline (which I didn’t), or when I am going through a very hard time (which I was).

The name of the piece is “Attempting Self Portrait”. I chose “Attempt” to express how I am still unsure of who I am. A jellyfish representing me, because jellyfish are the oldest creatures on earth that have always been the same shape they are today! Their survival mechanism is so high. They never needed to evolve more than the primary shape they have today! It’s amazing! Something at that time I prayed to have “mechanism to adapt” with my new and harsh situation at that time in 2015.