The title is a line from the song Unhappy Girl by The Doors. 

So I am back to painting ocean and waves sceneries. I just can’t get enough of blues and greens.

This is the first attempt to paint without the help of an online tutorial. Though I am not a 100% happy about it, I am proud of myself for finishing it all the way through. I wanted to quit in multiple occasions because I was frustrated. It is frustrating when I get the color wrong, or when I am waiting for a layer to dry, or when I start finishing it then realize I missed some essential layering or mess up towards the end! All happened while painting this. But I kept telling myself ”It’s okay to mess up. You can make this better” …

So here is the result! Not too bad huh!!!

3 responses to ““Don’t miss your chance To swim in mystery””

  1. Aida Bennouna Avatar

    Love it linah! Amazing painting. Keep up the good work and never be too hard on your self! You are GREAT!


    1. Linah Sofi Avatar

      Thank you so much Aida!!! Your comment means so much ♥️


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