Jerks can also have coffee at Starbucks!

I sit at Starbucks, drinking my venti triple-shot skinny hazelnut latte, doodling and sketching some drawings, when a man – probably in his late 20s – pulls the chair and sits against me. I look up.
“Can I sit here!” he asks! I smile and answer him “Well, you’re already sitting” [on your ass] is what I am thinking at the back of my head! … He stands up, and asks again “Can I sit!?” At the beginning I thought he’s CUTE! “Yes of course” I say! and he sits!
“I just wanna talk to anyone! I am not trying to hit on you. I am gay!” he says that or something similar! I laugh!
“See, my name is B. and I am trying to open my own Jewish style restaurant here in San Francisco” he starts blabbing. “I am Jewish, both my grandfathers are rabbis but I am not religious! I want my restaurant to be a traditional Jewish restaurant with Jewish food and music”.

I nod at everything he says but then said “Do you know you just lost an audience of consumers?” I ask trying to get an explanation!
“You mean Muslims and Arabs?” He asks, but continues “I don’t care”

I keep my nodding smiling. With a funny accent that I couldn’t determine, something between Australian and British, he looks NOTHING like someone who has money to open a restaurant. I am just nodding cause I know deep down he’s an ignorant poor and full of shit kinda guy in a good way.
So he asks “I am a Kiwi, what are you?”... And for a fraction of a second I am shocked! Someone just called themselves a fruit! But then I remember the reference, but he continues before I can speak “WAIT! don’t tell me! I am kinda racist against some countries, and if you’re from one of those countries, I’d probably walk away! So I better not know”

My jaw drops! Finally, I met someone who’s much more of a JERK than I am!!!! “I know I sound a bit ignorant but that’s how I am” he shrugs!
“No! It’s a free country! You get to think and hold an opinion for or against anything! It’s your choice” I reply!
He finishes his coffee quickly and says “Well, now I need to leave! You’ll probably won’t see me again! I never go to the same place twice, you know”

[NO I DONT KNOW, JERK] is what I want to say but I just smile saying “Have a good one!”

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