Today I decide to have my hair on the side, resting on my left shoulder, dangling freely, and is only tied toward the end in a messy pony tail!  Wearing a pair of light blue jeans, a fun sweater and my new awesome cross-body bag, I go watch a movie that is, if not the silliest I’ve ever watched, it’s definitely the second silliest! After wasting my money on a dull, dumb movie, I decide to eat Italian. I crave for some white Alfredo sauce. I know it is not smart, and it is a waste of money going to some place just to have pasta that you can cook at home, but hey, save me the lecture if you’re not willing to cook for me, let someone else do that!

So I sit quietly, alone in a table next to giants windows at this Italian restaurant on Howard and Second St. I gaze out at people passing by; some hurrying, others wandering, bitches strut. Oh well, I just hate everyone today! It is one of those days! My thoughts drift somewhere, thinking of almost everything. One thought leads to another; happy to sad, content to disturbed, worried to assured, dreams, realities, past, and probabilities. I think of all these at once, when I suddenly get startled by a hand resting on my left shoulder, pulling some locks of my hear with it. I look alarmed at the person who courageously thinks has the right to do so. It’s the owner of the restaurant! I think to my self ”CRAP! The fettuccine I ordered is not available!” but what reassured my panicking thoughts is his smile, with an apologising look on his face saying with an Italian accent “I’m sorry but I have to compliment you, your hair is so beautiful” then kisses his closed joined fingers in a gesture ”so beautiful” he finishes. My eyebrows rise and my lips stretch in my usual wide smile – that people think is fake for I don’t know what reason – and I put my hand over his, and thank the man warmly! I repeat my “thank yous”, as if I heard his compliment for the first time in my life. I am not trying to sound snobbish, but if anything I am sure is good about the way I look, it’s always my hair, which with time, I really do wish someone compliments something else. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I don’t appreciate comments like this. I do. Every time I hear one, I do feel flatted. They do make my day!

Anyway the owner walks away, and now I go back to my funny interesting world of thoughts! Am I thinking of my hair? Yes you guessed that right! I am! But does it end there! Definitely not!

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