The title is a quote from the song Tell Me Why – Neil Young

In my previous painting I mentioned I was not going to share a painting of the ocean anymore. I wanted to share something of another concept. I started to follow this tutorial by the beautiful Katie Jobling, teaching how to paint a sunset scenery. I liked the idea so much because it would teach me another concept I always wanted to paint which is clouds. But as I was progressing with layering the sky and the horizon, I reached a conclusion; I hate this painting, not because it was hard to paint, or it turned out ugly. Nope. I just don’t like warm colors. They irritate me. I can’t work with them! I like blues, greens, colors that would ease my stress. Firey oranges and bloody reds don’t! So I think I’m gonna go back to try and excel in ocean and blue seas pictures.

What I like the best about this one, though, is the blackened clouds. I like the fact that the red underneath brings them out. It’s a great technique. I don’t like the fact that it has little bright yellow. I think if I am changing anything, or painting another one, it’ll be a little bit brighter and less red!

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