“No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue”


The title is a quote from The Rolling Stones’ song Paint It Black

I guess this will be the last sea / ocean / wave painting I share on my blog. I think now I learned how to work around the techniques of creating waves and using blues. I also no longer feel stiff when I am using painting knives to create waves.

When you’re painting with acrylic bare in mind layering. The more layer you put in the painting, the more lifelike it’ll turn out to be. Also, don’t be afraid in using too much color. Don’t be greedy with the paint (I know it’s expensive. It’s why artists are always broke). Squeeze that tube. Be generous so your painting is generous back to you. Believe me, if you don’t apply enough colors, it’ll look very still and cheap.

Until next time, using a different concept!

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