The title is a quote from the song Curlews by Grasscut

I finished this painting two days ago. I wasn’t sure what to write on this post to accompany it. It is another ocean scenery that I want to master, specially the waves using painting knives.

P.S. I might edit this post into a greater one. For the moment, just adore the painting, will ya!

3 responses to ““Late light falls under a mile to the sea””

  1. Alex Furukawa Avatar

    You are a great painter!! Having only ever done one drawing class (still life, charcoal and pencil only), I have to say I’m impressed by how color works in a piece like this! Where do you get your reference from? Just imagination? 😸


    1. Linah Sofi Avatar

      Oh I wish it was just imagination. hehe … I mostly look up pictures. But I learned the techniques from youtube tutorials 😀


      1. Alex Furukawa Avatar

        Ah ok well either way, very well done!


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