The title is a quote from a song called “Moonlight Drive” by The Doors.

One of my favorite bands of all times. If they were not the best rock band ever existed, they probably are the next one!

I am not going to lie to you and say bunch of nonsense, like I was painting this while listening to The Doors, or their brilliant music and great poetry influenced my painting. I am not going to tell you the title was chosen while I was listening to “Moonlight Drive”.

In fact, I had to listen carefully to Katie Jobling instructions on how to paint waves and layering the sea-scenery. It was a online class. I also typed “The Doors Hits” on Google. Moonlight Drive caught my eyes. I clicked on it, and to my surprise, I didn’t have to look hard. The first line to the song is “Let’s swim to the moon, uh huh”. It is very convenient for my picture; swim, sea, waves, you know! The line fits perfectly!

I am simple. I don’t have a canvas stand. I don’t have rituals for when I start painting. I don’t paint in a workshop. I only have a grey Ikea rug, which I spread on the flood because it’s cold, and because I don’t want to mess up the floor and lose deposit over paint spillage! I sit on the floor painting. Sometimes, the friction messes up my knees. That’s when I know I have to take a break. And it is better for my painting, so it would dry before applying the next layer.

I did another wave painting. I will keep making them until I master painting waves, or run out of blues, whichever comes first. I love all 50 shades of blue. It’s amazing how soothing it is to drag the brush along the canvas with blues! It’s very comfortable to the eye. Blue calms my stress. I recommend buying blues and whites. Just apply them with your hand on a canvas. It’s messy but easing!

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