Title is a quote from Cold Mailman’s song What now, Muhammed?

A friend of mine, iRota, sent me a link of a YouTuber named Katie Joblings.  She’s an artist who teaches painting using Acrylic. Her narrative is clear and fast when you compare her to Bob Ross! I also like the music she plays in the background too! SHOUT OUT TO KATIE!!

I’ve always believed nature is hard to portray in paintings. One must be very talented and an extraordinary painter to be able to paint scenes from nature. Therefor, my life’s art dream was to learn how to draw waves of the ocean! The scenery of waves stuns me  every time I go to the beach! I have always thought it was impossible to paint them, because when you look at waves in a painting, they can deceive you on how complicated the process could be! Though the process is long, it took me 4 hours to complete, but the techniques are very simple! I learned when it comes to landscapes and nature scenes, it’s all about layering! Paint a layer, wait to dry, then layer again!

Among the challenges I faced to complete this picture, I didn’t have the same colors Joblings is using in the video. I only have one shade of blue that wasn’t the one she mainly used! I had to make similar shades of the blue I had.

Another challenge was the fact that I had to train my hand in using the brushes all over again. My hand felt stiff most of the time. It was frustrating. At one point, I pushed everything away and almost cried. Even by the time I finished, my hand still felt stiff. I think I will have to paint some more.

Last but not least, waiting for the paint to dry every time I layered! I am way too excited to paint. I can’t wait for the final result. It was hard for me to just sit around for 20-30 mins doing nothing but wait. So, a piece of advice, be patient! Else, you’re going to ruin your painting because with Acrylic paint, mistakes are harder to fix. They dry and stick to the canvas too fast!

Finally! I can cross off my bucketlist: Learn how to paint waves!

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