I believe I started drawing at a very young age. I’ve always been fascinated by colors and shapes; how they form beautiful images. I always looked up to my eldest sister’s art work @RubaSufi. She’s the type of person who would master doing anything that falls between her hands, and she’s mastered Arts!

In high school, back home, I was chosen to join the art department. Although I didn’t really want to. I wanted to join home economics, instead. But home economics classes were already full! Thankfully, I had a talented teacher, who was able to spot me out of the group, and actually nurtured my talent. It was my very first time being exposed to Oil Painting. I lost myself into it. She taught me how to manipulate colors and lights. However, there wasn’t enough time to teach me everything.

I carried on the journey by myself after graduation. I still painted. I remember locking up myself in my room for hours with my headphones on, listening to music and try to paint a picture. My parents and my siblings cheered my talent and didn’t mind me turning the room into a workshop! My art supplies and equipments were always spread everywhere. Around my graduation from college, I gradually stopped painting. I became very busy with trying to win a Master Degree scholarship, which I did! I eventually stopped painting in 2011. I sketched every now and then.

When I moved to the San Francisco, I started drawing in black and white using Sharpies. You know, I didn’t want to lose the deposit over paint spill or some kind of paint-related accident! I graduated from USF in 2015 without making a single painting!

I went back home. I started a new job. I was going through a hard time break up when I found out about therapy through Art. So I decided to use Acrylic that time as a change! And I excelled! I didn’t paint as much though. I had a full-time job at the time as a lecturer and it almost took all the time I had.

I moved back to the States, married, and for a year and so, I haven’t done much with my life! It’s the darkest phase of my life so far. I am unemployed, and I am living in an area remote from everything awesome! I have the time. I have the talent. I just don’t have the means!

One afternoon I woke up to find two packages from Amazon on my doorstep! They both had my name on them. I was surprised because I knew I didn’t order anything!

I was ready to open them, then ask my siblings if any of them bought anything and sent it to my address. I found a set of oil colors on the first one. So I thought maybe they’re my brother’s. He’s the only one who shares my passion of oil colors. But then when I opened the other, I found 28 canvases and a note from my twin sister @NowItsDina saying to enjoy the gift! I cried. My twin sister wants me to paint again!

A couple of weeks prior, my family was trying to convince me to sell my art work and I was telling them that they’re not good enough! And I haven’t painted in almost 3 years! And BAM! Here I am painting again because they believe in me! So here’s to the upcoming blog posts about my paintings!

2 responses to “My Art Journey!”

  1. Alex Furukawa Avatar

    I just happened to see this pop up on fb as you posted it, and I have to say, what a great story!! I’m so glad to have an original Linah sharpie drawing (the elephant, remember!). I should have paid you for it, it was really worth it!! Keep making art!

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    1. Linah Sofi Avatar

      Yes Alex!!! I of course remember it. I am so glad you have one and it was a gift from me to you. 💙 thanks for reading it really means a lot.


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