Why I blog!

Disclaimer: [1] I am worth reading for. [2] Not everything I write is the truth, some is fiction!

You will agree with me on a lot of the things I post. You will also frown upon a whole lot more! I am still struggling with establishing myself and my belief system. I stand on the fence when it comes to most matters in life. I am full of contradictions, and that is why I think I am very rich when it comes to blogging!

I will mostly blog about Language, Art and Photography! I am a certified language lecturer and a linguist. But, I am an amateur artist. I have stopped practicing art for over a year now. So, I want to reignite this Art passion and share it with you.

When in comes to photography though, I believe I have an eye of a potential professional. But, hey, you might disagree!

This blog is an attempt to lift myself up and bring me and you something to share with one another!


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