Linah Sofi is a self-made artist. She started her art journey in high school when her art teacher recognized her talent and nurtured it. Ever since, she’s been trying different styles and media to connect with the world around her through art, and express herself and what she believes in. She used acrylic and canvas to paint abstract scenes of the ocean when she first moved to the United States to express her longing for her homeland. She grew up by the shore in Jeddah.
Currently, she’s exploring the art of Illumination using gold leaf paint. She is applying it to the Islamic geometry shapes and motifs derived from Middle Eastern culture. She is exploring her Middle Eastern culture and trying to advocate for it through Art. She is also exploiting the Divine through Islamic Geometry and its expressive forms of Allah.
Linah Showcased her art in three events in the San Francisco Bay Area, & She is currently displaying a piece in Longing for Attachment at Oakland Asian Cultural Center in Partnership with ArTogether . She is eager to showcase herself in her home country of Saudi Arabia.
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